3d animation, advertising, graphics, visuals and illustrations we love and we do

with passion, knowledge and a drop of talent

Being truthful to our passion, we created a company which allows to assist our customers through good projects and ideas.

Graphics and 3D animation create a place where the latest technical solutions are combined with talent, sensitivity and a sense of aesthetics. Our design process is adjusted to the needs of customers, starting with a presentation of ideas, through developing the storyboards to the final effect.

If you’d like to be different, choose professional solutions!

We offer:

  • design of 3D animations, logo animations, animated intros
  • product and architectural visualisation
  • scientific visualisations and 3D animations
  • graphics, graphic design, illustrations
  • logo design, Corporate Identity elements design

If you’d like to be different, choose professional solutions!



A presentation of selected projects can be found below. The presentation includes short videos and static graphics. Enjoy!

  • All
  • Product visualisations
  • Others
  • Interiors and exteriors
  • Medical visualisations
  • Copy of grafika produktowa 3d - model łóżeczka 1
  • Copy of grafika produktowa 3d - model słuchawek 1
  • Copy of grafika produktowa 3d - model słuchawek 2
  • Copy of grafika 3d - robot
  • Copy of interior 3d
  • Copy of grafika 3d - ilustracja 1
  • Copy of Ilustracja medyczna 2
  • Copy of red blood cell 1
  • Copy of virus zika
  • Copy of mitosis
  • Copy of monocyte
  • Copy of red blood cell 2
  • Ilustracja medyczna. Baketriofagi i E. coli
  • Copy of interior 3d - hall
  • Copy of interior 3d


An image is worth a thousand words. What effect does animation have? Below, you case find a few longer and shorter animations. Enjoy!

  • animacja medyczna 3d, biomedical animation 3d
  • animacja 3d osiedla, animacja 3d produktowa, animacja 3d reklamowa, animacja 3d edukacyjna

Our offer

The area of graphics and 3D animations has been developing dynamically, while its possibilities are huge.

Below, you can see the basic applications but if you need animations for your individual, non-standard needs, let us know. We are only limited by our imagination.
  • We create 3D animations for the purpose of advertisement, presentations, interior visualisations, products, processes etc.

    We prepare 3D logo animations, intros, spots for online publication, YouTube, enhancement of presentations.

    We will transform a flat 2D logo into an effective 3D logo while the high quality animation will draw attention of your recipients, viewers or customers. A well-matched sound layer will enhance the intro, add dynamism and spectacularity.

    Complex processes can be presented in a simplified manner so that the recipient can better understand the method of product functioning. The use of our animations will make a presentation attractive which may result in ensuring new customers. A product advertised this way is portrayed as one being more professional and exclusive.

    We’re looking forward to cooperating with you. The contact form can be found at the bottom of the page. Send us a message! We will certainly respond!

  • We prepare architectural visualisations and interior visualisations with attention to detail, composition and post-production.

    We will be happy to cooperate with architects and interior designers. 3D graphics can virtually visualise elements of interior design in a particular space with focus on detail such as texture of the floor, gloss or smoothness, light accessing the interior through the windows which will decorate the space with warm reflexes. Architectural visualisations will look very realistic so that the recipient can experience them in the best way possible.

    If you have any questions, feel free to send us an email!

  • We will enhance scientific presentations, educational videos, models of operation as well as medical, biochemical models and more, with 3D models and animations.

    The memory, mind and human emotions are supported by images. Our aim is to present them in such a way, so that they’re easy to acquire while being interesting and professional. We cannot see the processes occurring inside the Earth in a micro or macro scale but 3D animation will help us understand them. 3D models and videos are a great way of presenting the effect of medicinal products, supplements and other bioactive compounds, as well as biological, physical and chemical processes, etc.

    If you have any questions, let us know. We will send you a non-binding offer.

  • We prepare product visualisations in any scenery taking into account the details and photography quality.

    We will help you in transforming your marketing campaign into an exciting multimedia experience.
    Animated simulations will help recipients in understating the process and mechanisms of products’ functioning and their particular components. Simulations will be enhance presentations, video tutorials and advertisements. 

    Your products can be presented in various spaces. You will no longer need expensive photo shoots, changes in decoration setting, transport of equipment or the presented items – all this can be done in 3D while changes and adjustments can be introduced later on. Such projects can also be reused.

    Do you have any questions? Let us know! We’ll be happy to help!

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